Dancing Deer Chocolate Gift Box

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Warm someone's heart with this festive Reindeer Box filled with a 20 piece assortment of dark and milk chocolate and, of course, almond buttercrunch Sweet Sloops! Gift box includes the following chocolates:

  • Signature Sweet Sloops: Sailboat shaped almond buttercrunch toffee covered with white chocolate and dipped in dark chocolate and pecan spindrift
  • Sand Dollars: Sun warmed pecan halves hidden in soft, creamy butter caramel surrounded with rich, dark chocolate
  • Sweet Shells: Elegant scallop shells made of rich, dark chocolate with a hint of orange crunch
  • Barque Sarah: Fore, main and mizzen masts move through smooth milk chocolate filled with whole toasted almonds
  • Marblehead Mints: Sailboats race across a sea of rich dark chocolate with the delicate taste of peppermint starlights
  • Friendship Sweets: Rich, solid dark chocolate embossed with a sculpted pineapple, the symbol of welcome and hospitality
  • Periwinkles: Spiral shells crafted in solid milk chocolate

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