Doggy Ditty

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Custom created by Tina Labadini Designs out of Concord, MA for NEADS, the Doggy Ditty is the perfect combination of style and function.

The Doggy Ditty is a 100% cotton canvas bag and a 4 ½ foot leash that doubles as a purse strap!

The cross-body bag with water resistant lining is the perfect size to hold all essential dog walking items, such as: keys, phone, poop-bags or treats.

While your dog is on-leash, simply clip and hang the bag using the attached D-ring to the leash handle. When the walk is finished, simply un-clip the leash from your dog’s collar, clip it to the Doggy Ditty and wear it as a cross-body bag.

 Includes: NEADS branded cross-body bag, detachable 4 ½ inch purse strap/dog leash, Blue Buffalo bandana, Blue Buffalo training dog treats and a NEADS dog tag necklace.

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